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We have been leading auto industry efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for nearly 50 years.  Our first Honda Civic was #1 in the very first EPA fuel economy ranking in 1976, and Honda is #...Read More

June 23, 2021 — TORRANCE, Calif. All-new Civic Hatchback aimed at young, active buyers with increased versatility, sportier driving character and Euro-inspired exterior design Fun-to-drive perf...Read More

At Honda, we believe in the power of community. Lately, in our community around Pembroke Honda, AWE Yoga have been hosting chair yoga sessions for anyone interested in joining in a safe and in...Read More

Halloween is a fun holiday, full of costumes and theatrics and overall spooky vibes. However, another big part of this holiday is pranks and unfortunately, casualties can include your vehicle as w...Read More

From laid off workers to students who are trying learning at a distance; this year has definitely left its mark on the people of Canada. That’s why Honda Canada Foundation (HCF) has par...Read More

Hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly common on our roads. They’re a great in-between for folks who want the fuel efficiency of an electric but also still want the range that a com...Read More

Most vehicle owners know that the price tag of a vehicle is not the only money you’ll pay in the vehicle’s lifetime. Fuel, repairs, replacement parts, maintenance, etc... t...Read More

Staying at home for long periods of time can get boring. That’s why we’re providing these free sketches for you to work on! Click the link and download the files. After they’re d...Read More


With an unprecedented situation like COVID-19, Honda has responded by standing up for local communities. Initiating an effort in the spirit of community, Honda has pledged...Read More

Honda Canada is on never-ending mission to reduce vehicle emissions and aims to electrify two-thirds of its global auto sales by 2030 to help accomplish that. However, there are many things...Read More