Pre-Order Your New Honda Model Now

With the latest Honda models getting released this year with new enhancements, there are many models to explore that you should consider for your next vehicle. These new models will bring even more features and options, allowing you to pre-order the perfect Honda. Visit us today at Pembroke Honda to learn more about pre-ordering a new Honda, and we will help you get your desired model and trim with all the options you want.

Benefits Of Pre-Ordering Your Honda From Our Dealership

When you pre-order your Honda from our dealership, you will enjoy the best shopping experience since you can utilize our many services that cater to customers' varying needs. Not only will you get the exact Honda model you desire, but you will also be able to take advantage of other benefits such as the following:

Customization Options

Customizing your Honda to fit your styling preferences and lifestyle is a breeze, especially when you enlist the help of our experts during the build and price process. Our experts can guide you towards options that provide high value for daily commutes, and they can help you explore options that are more specific to your unique hobbies and activities. Other ways you can express your personality through your Honda are by being able to choose its body colour, interior upholstery and finishes, wheel options, and much more.

Flexible Payment Options

Through our dealership's Finance Centre, you can secure the most favourable and flexible payment options for your desired Honda that you have configured to your liking. You will find varying lease options alongside flexible financing options with competitive rates, allowing you to pick the right payment option for your specific financial situation and goals. Our dealership strives to help customers with different credit scores and situations, so be sure to speak to our finance experts to learn more about the available services.

Choose Accessories & Packages

Depending on which Honda you want to purchase, you will find many accessories and packages that can add more utility to your vehicle to support your driving needs. Some of the most popular accessories that customers often opt for include roof racks, floor mats, cargo covers, cargo mats, exterior protection products, tow hitches and receivers, and weather-related accessories. As for packages, you will find different features within each Honda's package, giving you lots of value for the money.

Get Your Desired Honda & Be The First To Drive It

When you build your desired Honda and have it pre-ordered through our dealership, you will be the first to drive it since it will only be delivered with delivery mileage, meaning that nobody has taken it for a test drive or driven it around. Also, being the first to drive your Honda allows you to take advantage of our various detailing and protection services, allowing you to keep your Honda's new showroom shine going for years to come.

Contact Us

Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about pre-ordering a Honda model, and we will go above and beyond to ensure you enjoy your shopping and purchasing experience.