Halloween is a fun holiday, full of costumes and theatrics and overall spooky vibes. However, another big part of this holiday is pranks and unfortunately, casualties can include your vehicle as well. Make sure you know how to protect your vehicle on this holiday by reading these tips! 

  1. Wax: 
    • Wax your vehicle before nightfall to protect the paint from eggs and pumpkin guts. Wax is a great protectant from all times of corrosives like sand, salt, and road grime, plus it can make your vehicle look new. 
  2. Cover: 
    1. Park your vehicle in a garage or under the cover of trees to keep it away from lurking pranksters. Or you could buy a vehicle cover and use that to save your paint from any time of assault. 
  3. Rinse: 
    • If you happen to be watching your vehicle and you see it get egged, it’s recommended to rinse it off immediately. You do not want any solid pieces that could scratch the paint hanging around for too long.  
  4. Prepare: 
    • If you happen to be extra concerned that your vehicle will be pranked, prepare a spray bottle of a solution made up of water and car soap or sprayon car wax. This way, you can spray it on the morning after and wipe it off with a soft towel quickly to minimize any damage it may cause. You want to dilute any acid sitting on the surface of your vehicle.  
  5. Final Defense: 
    • If you happen to not see your car get egged, or you missed it in the morning and the corrosive element has had time to set in, you can use a cleaning wax. This product has mild abrasives that can remove a small amount of paint to expose the undamaged paint underneath. However, if your paint is damaged all the way through, the area may need to be repainted.  

We hope you have a safe and fun holiday this season and remember to stay safe! If you have any questions or concerns about your vehicle’s safety this season, feel free to ask our Service Advisors at Pembroke Honda.  

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