With the fall leaves falling like fresh snow, it’s time to take day trips to enjoy the season at its fullest. These places can be for picnics, adventure, or just a cool place to get a profile picture. With school starting up for a lot of folks, make the most out of your weekends and see the world. Here are 10 great places to take a day trip.  

  1. Riverview Park and Zoo

This zoo has free admission which makes it a perfect cheap place to take the kids or a date. Featuring animals like an emu or a capybara, you can sure spend awhile enjoying the sights.  

  1. Flowerpot Island

A unique attraction, Flowerpot Island is famous for the two rock formations known as seastacks that resemble giant flowerpots. A romantic spot for sure to take your partner or a great place to take a photo for your Christmas card.  

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  1. 1000 Islands

These islands are more than just beautiful, they’re a gorgeous place to spend a few hours.  There’s more than a thousand of these islands and it’s a serene place to relax. Spend a weekend here with your loved ones exploring the islands.  

  1. EloraQuarry 

Only 2 hours away from Peterborough this quarry is a beautiful place to cool off during those warmer fall days or you can wait for it to freeze and go ice skating! 

  1. MazinawRock 

Located in Cloyne in the Bon Echo Provincial Park, this 1.5-kilometer-long sheer granite rock face towers 100 meters above the lake. Nothing like a picture of you or one of your friends standing on the edge of that cliff. Or at the bottom and use the granite as a beautiful backdrop. Either way, this is one incredible place to spend a day. 

  1. Trent University Wildlife Sanctuary 

This wildlife sanctuary offers several trails for all types of hikers. Come here in the fall and you will get the picturesque experience of leaves falling all around you.  

  1. Webster Falls

Hamilton is a bit of a drive but going is definitely worth it. There are over 100 waterfalls in this area which gives you plenty of options to find a secluded place to spend time with your date. 

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  1. BonechereCaves 

Found in Eganville, these caves originally formed at the bed of a tropical sea. The limestone in these cave date back before the dinosaurs and the tunnels were created by erosion from acidic water. This unique structure will sure impress the kids.  

  1. Niagra Falls

Sure, this is a bit cliché however you can’t deny the awe and beauty of these falls. Come here on specific days and the falls will be lit up in various patterns. Spend some time here being a tourist and taking in the experience.  

  1. Peterborough Lift Lock

Check out the world’s highest hydraulic lift in the world. This marvel of engineering is a great place to go with your kids to teach them about how hydraulic lifts work or take your favorite engineer.  

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